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Dear Exhibitor:Hello! I hope you are doing well. Here’s the full agenda for Bella Rustina weekend:

Setup & Sell Day: Friday, March 11

7AM – 4PM – Setup — We’ll start locking the gates around 3:30PM.

4PM — 8PM — Show time!

Saturday, March 12:  

7AM – 9AM – Exhibitor time to fluff booths, etc.

9AM – 5PM – Show time!

Sunday, March 13:    11AM – 12PM – Exhibitor time to fluff booths, etc.

12PM – 5PM – Show time!

5PM – 12AM – Load back up

Setup day on Friday:  Please keep in mind there are 115 of y’all vs Robin and me. If you only need a couple hours to set up, please wait until 8AM or later to come for set up so we can get the exhibitors with large booths started.  Please remember that setup hours are for exhibitors only.  No customers will be allowed.

***Please do not park to load in/out directly in front of gates. Please park in rows parallel to the building for loading so one person does not block a gate (see diagram at bottom of email). Also, we are no longer allowed to park at the building on the front side after setup day. Please see the designated exhibitor parking areas in the diagram at the end of this email.

Please check in and pay your booth balance at Gate 1 with Robin or me before setting up your booth.  At this time you’ll be given a name badge. Please wear your badge at all times while at the Stadium so security knows who our exhibitors are. Security will also be checking for badges if you are eating food that is not stadium food because they don’t want customers bringing in outside food. Lame, I know.

I will bring 3 large industrial carts that you are welcome to use throughout the weekend for load-in/out. Booths on the concession-side wall are even-numbered and booths on the columns-side wall are odd-numbered.

If you would like bottled water at any time during the weekend, please come see us at Gate 1. I will have to be discreet with it since the stadium people want you to spend $4 on their bottled water, so please ask if you’d like some. I’m buying a bunch of water so please don’t be shy! 🙂

Security: There will be 5 security guards on-site during setup to help make sure people don’t enter the stadium that shouldn’t be there. Two armed guards will be positioned on each end of the stadium at night. We’ll also have 2 guards (1 armed and 1 t-shirt) during the market. I’ll also probably be camped out at the entrance in a fifth wheel trailer overnight.

Tables/Chairs: If you rented them, your tables and chairs will be ready for you in your booth on setup day based on the number you registered for. Tables are $10 each and chairs are $2 each to rent. If you don’t let me know how many tables/chairs you need and I run out on setup day, I will not get more. Please make sure I know ahead of time what you need.

Porters: There will be 10 guys available to help with unloading, so be sure to use them if you need them. They will be paid an hourly wage, but tips are appreciated. Please do not take these guys off the premises to your home or shop to help load furniture.

Concessions: Our concessions during show hours will be War Memorial Stadium’s concessions, so our choices will be hot dogs, nachos, etc. That’s probably the only downside of this venue.

Tax: Exhibitors will need to charge 9.00% sales tax.  You will be given an Event Sales Tax Form when you check in.

Gift Certificates: Some customers will have gift certificates.  The gift certificates will have a holographic sticker on the top-right-hand corner to help prevent copying of the gift certificates.  Please accept them like cash and trade them in with the people taking admission money for cash.

Credit Card Service: We will offer credit card services. The fee will be 5% of the charge amount for this service. You are not required to accept credit cards. Exhibitors choosing to accept credit cards will receive a notepad of credit card forms asking for your name and the amount to be charged. Please make sure you add tax to the charge. The customer will take the filled-out form to the credit card table up front to process the charge.  Your customer will receive a receipt for you to prove they paid for their item(s) so they can pick up their purchase. A check will be mailed to you the following week for the amount charged minus the 5% fee. Example: Customer buys something for $100. You add tax of 9.00% and the total is $109.00. You fill out the small form for $109.00. Take out 5% and your part as a exhibitor is $103.55, which will be combined with your other credit card sales in the check that will be mailed to you the following week. TIP: The credit card desk will charge exactly what you have written as the total. They will not add on sales tax or the 5% fee.

ATMs will be available if any of your customers are running short on cash.

Soliciting:  Only approved shows may be solicited for during this event. Please ask for permission before recruiting for or putting out show cards for events other than the Junk Ranch, High Cotton Trade Days, South Main Vintage Market, The Old Glove Factory Marketplace, Vintage Down South, or Heritage Event Company shows.

Rain: All booths are covered in the War Memorial Stadium, so no one has to worry about being rained on. Last March we had rain all weekend and had a great show. During that show small puddles formed in some places, so I have purchased water barriers for those areas so puddles should not have a chance to form at all. No one should have issues, but if you do, please call me asap. I will have lots of supplies to fix any issues that may arise.

Load Out: On Sunday we need to be out of the building by midnight.  I am penalized a per-hour charge after that and will need to pass it on to those who are not out of the building at that time.  The penalty is $60/hour.

T-Shirts: I have ordered some super fun “I’m just a vintage soul” Bella Rustina t-shirts. The shirts will be $18 each for the public, but they are $14 for exhibitors.

Broken China Jewelry: Every show I try to put together something to give back to the community. This time I invited the Conway Women’s Shelter to have a booth at the show to sell their broken china jewelry. I have given them their booth for free so they can raise as much money as possible for the Women’s Shelter. If you want to learn more about them and their broken china jewelry, please visit this link: http://www.conwaywomensshelter.com/truebeauty

Please share about Bella Rustina on social media!!

I’m looking forward to a successful and fun Bella Rustina weekend! Please feel free to call/text 501-230-5728 or email ashley@ashleysfinds.com with any questions.



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